We have some FAQs for you to look through - if you have a question that isn't covered, please contact us.


Can I live with my friend/group of friends?
Yes, you will need to let us know who you'll be staying with - so it's best that you come here to register with your friend/group of friends. Providing we have availabilty, we will always try to help keep friends together.

Do I need a UK-based guarantor?
No, a guarantor is not required.

Is my holding deposit refundable?
The circumstances in which the holding deposit (equal to one week's rent) will be required to be refunded are defined by the Tenant Fees Act 2019. If we intend to withhold your holding deposit from you, we will always notify you in writing of this intention.

How much holding deposit do I need to pay?
The exact holding deposit is made up of an amount equal to a week's rent (of the room type of your choice).

Do you offer single/mixed sex accommodation?
Provided we have availability, we offer both single and mixed sex accommodation.

Do you offer 1st year-only undergraduate accommodation?
We can offer 1st year-only undergraduate accommodation, subject to availability.

Do you offer PhD-only accommodation?
We can offer PhD-only accommodation, subject to availability.

Do you offer ensuites?
Yes, we do have a limited supply of ensuite rooms - booking early will avoid disappointment.

Will you share my information with anyone?
We reserve the right to share information submitted in your application with the University of Essex.

Do I need to be in full-time education?
Yes, you need to be a full-time student to stay in our student accommodation.

What do I need to provide?
You'll need to provide a completed application form as well as ID showing that you have the right to be in the UK.

Payments & Charges

Do I need to pay for gas, electricity, and water?
No, all of the above bills are included in the rent.

Do I need to pay for broadband/internet?
No, this is fully included in the rent.

Can you tell me more about this 'rent-free 12th month'?
The rent-free 12th month offer is available to all returning students who have chosen to stay with us for the following academic year. This offer only applies to termly paying students and to those that have paid the full 11 month rent in advance (in one payment). Please note, this offer is not available to students that have chosen to pay monthly.

When is the rent due?
After the September rent has been paid, our rents are due termly as follows: Autumn term rent is due by 1st October; Spring term rent is due by 15th January; Summer rent is due by 23rd April.

My Accommodation

Can I smoke in my room?
No, you cannot smoke anywhere inside the property, however you may smoke outside the building.

Do I need to buy a TV licence?
If you wish to watch TV in your room, you will need a TV licence - see www.tvlicencing.co.uk for further details

Do I need to pay council tax?
No, as a full-time student, you are exempt from paying council tax.

Can I park my car there?
We offer free car parking at our properties (subject to availability) - a free parking permit which can be obtained from the administration office.

Can I bring my bicycle?
We have a secure bike shed and a free key for the bike shed may be obtained from the administration office.

Do I need insurance?
Whilst we provide a free basic level of contents insurance to tenants - please see more details - we always recommend additional cover if it is not covered by the included policy, or if the policy is not entirely suitable for your needs.

Can I bring a pet?
No pets are allowed within the accommodation.

Where do I collect my mail/parcels?
We deliver mail to your flat's kitchen daily - parcels/recorded letters will need to be collected from the office (a note will be left in your flat's kitchen to notify you of the arrival of your parcel/recorded letter).

Who is responsable for cleaning?
Our staff will clean all the communal areas of the property - removal of rubbish is the responsibility of tenants (we recommend that you use a rota system).

Do you do regular inspections?
Yes, we (the landlord or his representatives) will inspect every room on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of each month for health and safety reasons.

Is there a laundrette avaliable?
On the ground floor of each block, there is a laundry room with coin operated washing machines and drying machines available for use.

What health and safety features does each room have?
Each room has a smoke detector, a half an hour fire door with intermiscent strip surround, as well as heavy duty hinges and door closures. All furniture supplied conforms with Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

Is there a vending machine avaliable?
For you convenience there are vending machines located on the ground floor of Block 2 Forest Road House, where various soft drinks, chocolates and crisps are available for purchase.

Moving In/Out

When can I move in?
In some instances it is possible to move in before your contract start date of 1st September, please check with the administration office prior to moving in.

Where do I collect my keys?
Keys can be collected from the on-site office at Forest Road, by the car park. Y

How long will you reserve my room until?
The clock for reservation of your room will start running from the date upon which we take the holding deposit from you and will run for a period of 15 days, including the day on which the holding deposit is taken. If no agreement has been entered into by the expiry of the 15th day, the reservation will be deemed cancelled. This applies subject to prior arrangements having been made to extend the 15-day period.

Can you provide storage?
Yes, we offer free storage to all students with confirmed bookings.

I'm returning for the next academic year, can I keep my room?
Yes, you can keep the same room - please make sure that you inform us at your earliest convenience. You will need to go through the booking proceedure and confirm your booking.

I no longer want to stay, can I leave?
If you have signed the Tenancy Agreement, then you are bound by this agreement. You can view our terms and conditions for further details about cancellations.

When can I move out?
You may move out at any point, but it must be noted that the rent will continue to become due for the entire term of the tenancy, irrespective of when you decide to move out, and your liability to pay the rent will also continue until the expiry of the term.

Payment Options/Methods

Bank Transfer (our preferred method)
Account Name: Millennium Investments 2000 Ltd
Account Number: 93396630
Sort Code 20-97-40
IBAN: GB71BUKB20974093396630

Bank Address:
Barclays Bank UK PLC
Braintree Branch
1 Bank Street

Debit/Credit Cards
We accept most major debit/credit cards

Cheques should be made payable to Millennium Investments 2000 Ltd

Whilst we accept cash, we prefer any of the above options/methods

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