Terms & Conditions

Each student wishing to stay at one of our properties must agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

Tenancy Agreement

Each student wishing to stay at one of our properties will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement, Tenancies are booked from 1st September each year for a minimum period of 11 Months.

Termly Paying Returning students who sign a new 11 month contract will get the Month of August absolutely Rent Free!

Feel free to read the Tenancy Agreement here.


All occupants must be in full time education.


Late bookings will be accepted, if places are available. Should the property you wish be full, then we will hold a first come first served waiting list.

Additional Charges

In the event that rent remains unpaid for a period of more than 14 days from the date on which the same is due, a fee will be charged which is equal to 3% above the Bank of England's base rate of the rental amount that is overdue. This fee will continue to accrue until the date on which payment is made.


Monthly room inspections will be carried out on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of each and every month by the Landlord or his representatives.

Millennium Investments 2000 Ltd reserves the right to charge a payment in respect of damages for breach of the tenancy agreement, if it is so breached.

Please note that whilst network and internet services are available the equipment and services belong to and are the responsibility of Glide therefore any complaints, problems or issues must taken up with Glide directly. Millienium Investments 2000 Ltd accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever from any issues which arise from or by the use of the service. Please contact them directly on 0333 123 0115. In the event of a dispute with the internet service, the liability of Milliennium Investments 2000 Ltd is limited to the pro-rata rate it pays to the service provider.

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